Monday, March 30, 2009

There's a new Liberal in town

Those poor lost Liberal souls can rejoice – a strong leader is finally ensconced at Stornoway.

Her name is Mimi, and she is a four-month old sable Foreign Burmese kitten.

That she is from a registered and reputable B.C. breeder is less important than the fact that she is of good bloodlines. In fact, we may well be related.

Iggy no doubt thinks he has gotten himself a nice pet. In fact, he has gotten himself one hardnosed boss.

And word has it, Iggy’s got dibs on another Foreign Burmese to keep Mimi company. Can you imagine?! Double trouble at Stornoway.

But won’t it be nice to have someone with a real pedigree in charge …

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Anschel!!!!

I'M FIVE! (as per "I'm Five" from "My Name is Barbra")

I'm five
I'm five
I'm a big cat now I'm five
I can wash my toes
I don't need Farfel's help any more
And when I jump from the scratching post
All four feet hit the floor

See dat?

I'm five
I'm five
I'm a big cat now I'm five
Mimi doesn't swat me just for being a silly cat
She knows darn well I'd run away
Coz I'm too old fer that!