Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'll have mine RAW

Hands up everyone who thinks the GG slurping down raw meat had something to do with hunting seals.

That’s what I thought. Man, are you blind?!
Canadians have had image issues for way too long. We’re polite. We’re peacekeepers. Our cops ride horses. Our civil "war" was fought by a bunch of policy wonks over tea. We invented Velcro.
We’re a nation of boring wimps.
No wonder terrorists, draft dodgers and Nazi war criminals hide out here.
No, GG was makin’ a point. The Queen’s own rep is telling the world, she’s in touch with her inner predator. Don’t be messing with us. Not only will we mess right back, we’ll rip your heart out and eat it. RAW.
Way to go, GG.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Inappropriate litter box elimination: the truth

Why you think I peed on the bed

1. My litter box needs changing
2. Your drunk boyfriend peed in my litter box
3. Cheap 7-11 brand cat food
4. You came home late and I missed you (oh please)
5. Mysterious and expensive urinary tract infection
6. I was dreaming of a waterfall
7. You hate your boss and I sympathize (oh please)
8. Not enough cat toys
9. Too many cat toys
10. You need to change your deodorant

Why I really peed on the bed

1. My litter box needs changing
2. Because … I can.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cheap photo ops or a sign of the times?

You’ve all seen this photo, featured in the Toronto Star on April 29th. We like the horrified expression on Iggy’s face. He knows he is in the presence of a superior being.

But have you seen this next photo?

Yessir, that would be Stephen Harper, about to snack on a kitten. This would be from his sweater period.

Stevie would have us believe he’s a regular guy fostering unwanted kitties, but this pic makes us wonder what’s really going on. That kitten would rather be anywhere but with Stevie.

In the meantime, Iggy’s picked up a platinum Foreign Burmese boy named Eric, to keep Mimi company at Stornoway.

It may be too early to call, but we predict the next vote could well be in the paws of
felis domesticus. My, how the fur will fly.