Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Who you calling a random thought?

So we should all be so freaking flattered that the European Burmese (or Foreign Burmese, as the canucks have it) is this month's feature breed in Cat Fancy magazine.

Which we know ... isn't exactly the New York Times. BUT. To hear Cat Fancy tell it, the European Burmese was a random thought that occurred to a British breeder after WWII.

"At that point, some of the breeders said, 'OK, we're going to bring in Burmese.'"*


The European Burmese is in fact, the original Burmese. That's why, in most of the world -- like those parts of the world outside The Thirteen Colonies -- there's an "American" Burmese. And the European Burmese is just called a Burmese.

The American Burmese even LOOKS different. Flat face, buggy eyes, cobby body.

But while the Americans were developing their version, the Brits weren't just, oh, inventing the mini skirt, medicare and the Beatles. No, the Brits were outcrossing THEIR Burmese and adding a red gene to get six more colours NOT available in the U.S. Red (like yours truly), cream, blue and various tortie. While maintaining a wedge shaped head and muscular frame.

Yeah, that's what we call ... a Burmese. Period.

*Cat Fancy magazine, May 2009