Thursday, November 20, 2008

The smartest cat in the world

Behind every great cat, there is another. In my case, there are a couple.
Meet Mimi, a champagne tortie Foreign Burmese.
She is, without a doubt, the smartest cat in the world. And here's why:

Although she is a former champion showcat, Mimi has never really worked a day in her life, and has no visible means of income. Yet ...

1. She has a fur coat. She is very proud of it, wears it all the time, even sleeps in it.
2. She maintains a special diet, available only at selected retail outlets.
3. Although she has had two litters of kittens, and is 11 years old -- that's the human equivalent of about 70 to 75 years old, she is as svelte and smooth as a little mink.
4. She enjoys the company of two handsome younger males, myself and Farfel. Both of us will defer to her in a heartbeat. She's just too smart!
5. Every Friday, she shares a meal of the finest poached salmon available at St. Lawrence Market with She-Who-Feeds-Me.
6. She never has to vacuum, wash dishes, or clean up Farfel's barfies.
7. She gets to sleep about 20 hours a day.
8. Really, her main responsibility is deigning to have her photograph taken.

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